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The operation principle of stainless steel chain
Stainless steel chain is divided into transmission with a roller chain, short pitch with double pitch roller chain and transmission chain with the sleeve, overloading transmission with curved plate roller chain, use of tooth shape chain, stepless variable speed chain, long pitch roller conveyor chain conveyor chain, short pitch, double pitch roller conveyor chain, plate chain conveyor chain, times speed, etc. Product characteristics
The remaining products are as follows:
1. Stainless steel chain: the part material is stainless steel, which is suitable for use in food industry and prone to chemical and chemical erosion, and can be used in high and low temperature.
2. Nickel plated chain, galvanized chain, chrome plated chain: chain can be composed of all the carbon steel material surface treatment, parts surface through or chrome plated nickel plating, zinc plating processing, can be used for outside rain, etc, but it can't prevent the thick liquid chemical corrosion.
3. Self-lubrication chains: some parts made from a kind of lubricating oil saturated with sintered metal, the chain has wear-resisting, corrosion resistance is superior, the do not need maintenance (maintenance), long service life. It is widely used in high stress, wear-resisting requirements, and can not be maintained on a regular basis, such as automatic production line of food industry, high grade bicycle racing car, and low maintenance of high-precision transmission machinery.
4. O ring seal chain: the inner and outer chains of the roller chain are sealed with o-ring to prevent dust from entering and grease out of hinge. The stainless steel chain is strictly prelubricated. Because the chain has super-strong parts and reliable lubrication, it can be used in motorbike and other open transmission.

5. Rubber chain: this kind of chain is based on A and B series of stainless steel chain link with u-shaped plate, glue on the rubber on the attached board (such as natural rubber (NR, silicone rubber SI, etc.) can increase the wear ability, reduce noise and increase shock resistance ability. For delivery. 

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