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Through the chain design of the hyperbolic arc, the chain is installed as a rare transmission power. Reduce friction, used in large, slow speed compare local power compare, have distinct superior sex than belt transmission, such as tank, pneumatic tightening machine, etc., but the transmission speed means less quickly, because of the stainless steel chain flexibility than the belt transmission.
This kind of chain is suitable for use in food industry and chemical, medicine and other corrosion situations, stainless steel chain: the part material is stainless steel. It can also be used in concave and convex temperature.
The surface of the parts is treated with nickel plating, galvanizing or chrome plating, nickel - plated chain, galvanized chain, chrome - plated chain: all the stainless steel chains of carbon steel materials can be disposed of in appearance. Suitable for use in outdoor rain corrosion, but not to avoid strong chemical liquid erosion.
This kind of chain has the function of wear-resisting and corrosion resistance, self-smooth chain: some parts are made of a sintered metal soaked in smooth oil. Non-maintenance (maintenance) with long service life features. Widely used in high stress, wear-resisting, and often means less maintenance, such as food industry initiative in production line, high-grade racing bike and less precise maintenance machinery.
To prevent dust from entering and grease flowing out of the button. The chain is severely presmoothed. Because the stainless steel chain has super parts and strong smooth, O ring seal chain: the chain between chain plate is sealed with o-ring. Can be used in motorcycle, etc.
Adhesion rubber (such as natural rubber NR silicone rubber, SI, etc.) can add wear and tear, rubber chain: this kind of chain is based on the outer link of the line AB chain. Reduce noise and add shock resistance. For free.
Such as wood feeding and output, cutting, transmission, and other sharp chains: this chain is widely used in the wood industry.
In addition, agricultural machinery chain: agricultural machinery chain is used for field work machinery such as hand - lift, granulator, combine harvester, etc. This chain demands low and low cost but can withstand shock and wear-resisting. The chain should be grease or smooth.
Through improved chain shape, high strength chain: a special roller chain. Add thick chain plate, fine wash chain plate hole, pin shaft heat treatment and strengthening, can improve tensile strength 15 ~ 30% and have the superior impact function, the power of the function.
Therefore, there is a great sensitivity, side bend chain: this chain has a large gap between the button-down and the chain plate. It can be used for bending and feeding.
High safety requirement, active escalator chain: used for active escalator and active pedestrian walkway. Because the escalator task is long. Run smoothly. Therefore, it is required that this cascade chain must reach the minimum tensile load of the rule, the total length deviation of the two matching chains and the deflection of the cascade.
From the structure of the chain, motorcycle chain: the chain of use. Have two type of roller chain with sleeve chain, from the part of motorcycle use, have launched machine use initiated and closed to within two kinds, a big local machines using the chain is sleeve chain structure, a closed using the chain of transmission chain is used to drive the rear wheels, mostly use the roller chain. Such chains should pay special attention to the functions of baoguan.
And semi - feeding combined harvester. It is used for walking type wheat, rice harvester and fixed - setting flexible rice and wheat threshing machine.
Single pitch, double pitch and long pitch are all available. The attachment or crossbar can be thrust into any link of the chain without assembling the chain. Hollow pin shaft chain: for guarantee.

It is said that this useful chain is a chain. Roller chain and gear chain can be used as the chain. The chain is first used in motor vehicles, motorbikes and motor vehicles (engine or gasoline engine) transmission. In order to reduce the launching machine component, the timing chain: used to initiate transmission between crankshaft and camshaft. Because the engine piston stroke and the exhaust time together have strict requirements rules. The installation clearance between the chain and the initiating machine is very small, and some even have no tensioning installation. Therefore, the requirements for high precision of the chain are also high. 

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