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Stainless steel chains, like other materials exposed to the atmosphere, are also dirty. Future lectures will analyze the design factors affecting maintenance and cleaning costs. However, there is also a relationship between the rain wash, the artificial flush and the dirty surface.
The effect of rain erosion is determined by placing the same chain strip directly in the atmosphere and in the place where there is a shed. The effect of manual washing is to use sponge soapy water to scrub the right side of the chain strip every six months. Results found, and where a tent and don't wash compared to local chain slat, through the rains washed out and artificial scrub to remove surface dirt and debris has good effect to surface conditions. It is also found that the surface processing condition has an effect, and the smooth surface of the chain is better than the rough chain strip.

Therefore, the time interval of the washing is affected by a variety of factors, and the main influencing factors are the required aesthetic standards. Although many stainless steel curtain walls and chains are only rinsed when the glass is rubbed, in general, the stainless steel used for external use is washed twice a year. 

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