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Stainless steel chain in use after a period of time, will more or less some problems, if these problems are not handled in a timely manner, may become the problem that we normally use v-one today take the stainless steel chain to illustrate.
The stainless steel chain, which is used for a period of time, often appears with rust spots on the surface, which can cause headaches for many users. However, for the stainless steel chain in the process of the use of rust spot, how should we deal with it?

Surface of stainless steel chain, remove rust stain can use pickling paste, can improve the surface of stainless steel chain, stainless steel in operating time, the acid pickling paste daub is on the surface of stainless steel chain, coating thickness for 0.5 2 mm, the reaction time is 3-10 minutes of above commonly, use or scale thick place under 0 ℃, should be appropriately extended time, had better use the scrub brush a few times of treatment process, surface scale after clear, better (lime, or caustic) rinse with clear water, the rust to avoid return, such as the product in water, don't pour out, shake or stir after use. 

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