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Stainless steel chain, as a kind of common power transfer device, through the chains of hyperbolic arc design, reduce friction, used in power is large and the running speed is slow, than belt drive has obvious superiority, but the transmission speed too fast, because the chain flexibility than the belt transmission. Look at the current industrial production of stainless steel chain, China has entered the world in production of stainless steel chain, but looked from the overall strength and development level, China stainless steel chain per capita annual output is only about 1/5 of the international developed countries, most of the motorcycle stainless steel chain in the world is not beyond the C level, China chain international market share is only 4.5%, so China is far from into chain world powers. As a result, the chain production country into stainless steel chain world powers, take a new road to industrialization, industry characteristics it is a period in the future the main direction of development of Chinese industry chain. In striving toward this direction, the related basic elements, such as: market, variety, quality, brand, technology, management will be new changes in the aspects of development, the corresponding countermeasures should be innovative.
Enterprises in the process of production of stainless steel chain without cleaning rust in strict accordance with the codes and oil seal rustproof packaging requirements of the chain in the process of machining parts and assembly after the chain of antirust processing finished products. The quality of anti-rust lubricating oil and cleaning of kerosene and other products used in production cannot meet the requirements of technological requirements. As the price of stainless steel chain steel drops, the quality of the chain steel gradually declines. If the content of non-metallic impurities in steel is high, the deviation of metallographic structure is high. The chain steel source used by the production enterprise is more mixed, and the quality of steel is more mixed with the fish dragon. Some enterprises have poor environmental conditions, high content of harmful substances in the air, too small working area, and difficult to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers with the advent of the 21st century, obtained the very good development in all walks of life, China chain industry full of vitality, the production development, product structure, technology, quality, market development, many new changes have taken place in economic operation, etc, a lot of new achievements.
Chain in the development, of course, at the same time also encountered all sorts of problems, such as quality problem, or is the problem such as raw materials, thus hindered the development of the chain, and the products of our company is the experience in inspection of each department and material used for the stainless steel chain provides effective guarantee product processing automation. Secondly, we have invested more technology and have made great progress in quality and performance, which is more competitive than other enterprises' products. We should strive to improve and perfect the products of the chain and other products, so as to meet the different needs of users. Violations of anti-rust regulations also exist.

On the mesh belt product quantity to increase and expand, not only to satisfy domestic stainless steel mesh belt, mesh chain, the chain consumption the growing demand of the enterprise, but also adapt to foreign net belt mesh chain chain consumption to carry out the new situation, actively expand exports, positive for foreign net belt mesh chain chain enterprises with their demand chain mesh belt mesh chain equipment. In chain technology to research and development of new products from time to time, the innovation will have a way out, not as long as solid and domestic advanced manufacturing chain of the existing equipment of various research results, to reduce with the international advanced producing chain equipment, the gap between more want to learn and absorb international advanced technology based on "production, study and research" phase separation of products to develop new thoughts, carry out "fine, professional, efficient, assembly line and automation" chain of latest technology, developed with independent knowledge property rights of China modern advanced manufacturing technology and system of chain chain. 

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