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  This company is a national early trial of stainless steel chain,sprocket ,one of professional manufacturers.Strong technical force,experienced,well-equipped,reasonable prices.product best-selling country and ex-ported to Europe,Southeast Asia and other places,well received by users at home,Stainless steel chain,sprocket is widely used in food machinery,pharmaceutical machinery,rubber machinery,printing machinery,electronic equipment ,sewage treatment equipment,automatic transmission equipment.The product has a h-igh temperature,corrosion resistance and features.My company hsa all kinds of specifications of stainless steel sleeve roller chain,double away from the roller chain,double pitch conveyor chain,stainless steel diffe-rential chain,double away fromthe roller chain,double pitch conveyor chain,stanless steel diffe-rential chain,all kinds of hollow chain,metric chain as well as various specifications of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor chains,and can according to customer requirements ,the incoming sample custom non-stand-ard chain,sprocket. 

The company in line with the principles of customer-focused and dedicated service to our customers!